Masterpiece Services, Inc.

About Us

Aaron Hirsch (owner) is a 4th generation Colorado native - descended from pioneers - and has lived along the Front Range Mountains all his life. He knows the ins and outs of this market better than just about anyone. Not only is he a licensed real estate appraiser, but he owns a real estate company as well (The Way Home Realty).  

You might say that when it comes to Colorado, he's the resident expert! Let him and his team put their expertise to work for you today!

A Market Snapshot weighs into consideration current market prices, conditions, & trends for homes like yours in your area.  It gives objective, potential value for the housing market that includes your home, but it does not render an opinion of fair market value for your home specifically, something which can only come from an appraisal.

By bringing market evidence of surrounding sales of homes like yours together, you ultimately get a good "snapshot" of what your home is worth.

Your Home's Value In A "Snapshot"